Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Ground Launching Speed Flying Sports: Rules of the Sky

Rules of the Sky

Who has Right of Way ?

Any pilots BELOW or IN FRONT of you ALWAYS has Right of Way, no exceptions. The reason for this is that the pilot ahead of you can't see you without turning or looking backwards.


Passing or Overtaking Guidelines

When overtaking, pass on the side that give you the best view and best ability to make sudden changes to your flight path should the slower pilot need too make a sudden change to their flight path. The one exception is when ridge soaring. Pilots are required to pass on the hill side only. Overtaking on the Left, in this situation is forbidden. Also note when overtaking, the slower pilot has priority until the passing pilot completes their maneuver.


When 2 wings are flying face to face (head-on collision), both pilots must turn to their RIGHT.


When pilots approaching head-on are hill soaring the pilot with the hill on their left MUST take the avoiding action.


When 2 pilots are flying towards each other at a converging angle of the same height, the pilot approaching from the right has priority. The pilot approaching on the left MUST turn away to avoid collision (NOT into the other pilots flight path).

When you are the following pilot you should be able to judge if, where and when the slower pilot is or will need to make a maneuver.

Do NOT pass close to a slower pilot - speed gliders create turbulent air in their wake and may unbalance the now following wing.

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