Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Ground Launching Speed Flying Sports: About


The Ground Launch Center® offers individuals the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of ground launching and Speed Flying. The GLC has a variety of launch points for pilots of all levels. The Ground Launch Center® issues a certificate for successful completion of training. The certification can be used for entry into future events and competitions.

The center is headed up by Jim Slaton and instructor Duane Hall. The Ground Launch Center® is located in Lake Isabella, California right in the middle of the Sequoia National Forest. The GLC is the gateway to the Giant Redwood trees, Red Rock Canyon, Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Park. The weather is almost perfect 365 days a year at the GLC. The average high temperature in November is 70° F and the low at night can reach 38° F.

The annual rainfall in Lake Isabella is less than eight inches! Nestled in t he mountains at only 2,600 feet above sea level, Lake Isabella has very mild winters for a mountainous area. There is rarely snow in the valley. Dry, clear and invigorating, Lake Isabella combines the cool breezes of the mountains with the no-humidity environment of the high desert.

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