Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Ground Launching Speed Flying Sports: Pricing & accommodations

Pricing & accommodations


Basic training camp $500

Intermediate training camp $600

Advanced training camp $700


Basic training class $700

Intermediate training class $800

Advanced training class $900


One day $120.00 ea.

Two days $180.00 ea.

Three days $225.00 ea.

Four days $260.00 ea.

Included with each session there will be 1-2 instructors, vehicle transportation to the launch points and video services and any necessary airblade courses.


Refresher $50.00

Pilots who have not launched in the last year are required to take a few refresher flights under the supervision of an instructor. During the checkout flight, pilots will be required to demonstrate proficiency in basic flying skills.


Full day video service (6 hours) $75.00

Half day video service (3 hours) $40.00

Take advantage of this valuable service by scheduling video at your camp or session.


GL Harness (high attachment point)………$20.00 per day

GL Harness (low attachment point)………..$20.00 per day

GLS Sport Wing……………………………...$50.00 per day

GLX High Performance Wing……………....$80.00 per day

The GLC offers a variety of rental equipment to meet your individual needs. Pilots must be appropriately rated to rent high performance parachutes, speedgliders or Ultragliders. Pilots are responsible for any damage that may occur during use. Limited availability may apply so please call in advance to reserve your equipment.


We will organize a special package rate with a local hotel during your visit to the GLC or if we have enough people we may rent out a bunk house. Contact us for details!

If you want to take a flight to the GLC you can either fly into L.A. (LAX) and drive two hours to the Ground Launch Center™ or fly into Bakersfield Meadows Airport (BFL) which is Bakersfield, California only 30 minutes drive from the Ground Launch Center™.

Here are some of the hotels we recommend at the Ground Launch Center™. 

Kern Motel‎ 

5436 Lake Isabella Boulevard, Lake Isabella, CA 93240-9473

(760) 379-8168‎

Paradise Cove Lodge 

10700 Highway 178, Lake Isabella, CA 93240

(760) 379-2719‎

Lake Isabella Motel‎ 

400 155th Highway, Lake Isabella, CA 93240

(760) 379-2800‎

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