Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Ground Launching Speed Flying Sports: Training requirements

Training overview


No previous parachuting experience is required! You decide what you want to learn.

We can teach you basic ground launching, Speed Flying or mountain swooping. We can teach individuals to launch and fly parachutes with no previous experience at all. You will need to be in reasonable physical condition to train at the center. We have trucks to take you to the top for most flights but launches above 1,000 feet require moderate climbing.


Training camps are popular at the GLC. Unlike a solo class, students practice along side others in the group and learn from one another. The GLC can schedule a camp with as little as 3-4 people. We can put your name on a list and contact when we schedule the next camp or you can organize your own group! Please contact us if you would like to join one of our training camps.


You can choose to schedule your own class without waiting for the next group to build but the fee is higher. It takes many of the same resources for us to train one person as it does five. Some of the staff live at the Ground Launch Center but many of the instructors do not. Our instructors must drive or fly to the GLC for scheduled classes and camps. So its cheaper to join a camp but you can pay a little more and schedule your own class when you want.


"Sessions" are flying days we schedule for experienced pilots that want to use the facility and fly with other pilots. Sessions are scheduled for experienced pilots only, no students training. If you would like to schedule a flying session at the GLC please contact us.

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